Windows Azure training course

19th - 22nd October |  5.30-8.30pm  |  London

Early bird offer only £750 (Only available until 25th September)

Have you been looking for an Azure course with relevant and focused content, courses that are lead by respected key professionals?

Well we are excited to announce that in conjunction with Elastacloud, we are launching our first Azure course. It will be the first of many, and there will be something to appeal to everyone. So make sure to come back and check our future courses or follow us on LinkedIn.

We have been immersed in the world of Azure for many years since setting up the UK Windows Azure User Group and have been asked with increasing frequency if, given our connections and standing in the community, we can recommend leading educators in this space.

So, here we have our solution. Using our contacts within the community, we have been trying to establish the areas that people most feel they would like to see a course run in. Whilst many areas were identified, we have decided to run with ‘Azure infrastructure as a service for architects’ for our maiden voyage. Run over four evenings, it is primarily aimed at IT professionals with a minimum 3-6 months working knowledge of Azure infrastructure. You’ll find us at The South Bank University in Central London with Richard Conway, Windows Azure MVP.

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Richard Conway was reborn in the Azure cloud 5 years ago after 15 years of knowing that things didn't feel quite right in the on-premises world. He is a Microsoft Azure Most Valuable Professional, a Microsoft Regional Director, one of the founding members of the UK Azure Users Group, an internationally recognised speaker and book and course author. Richard's consultancy Elastacloud has built some of the largest data-oriented projects on Azure, many of which are showcased on microsoft.com.

Hancock & Parsons are proud to be a founding member of the UK Windows Azure User Group. Running weekly and monthly meetings they provide a stage for discussion and consultation on Microsofts Windows Azure cloud computing platform. In addition we have become heavily involved with the UK Connected Systems User Group, which again is a group that has been established to offer discussion and events for IT people from various walks of life.

Furthermore, we are now official members of BIMA, which was established a number of years ago, with the objectives of supporting and promoting the British digital industry, through the sharing of knowledge, best practice and the acknowledgment of great work. They also focus on encouraging the next generation to become involved within the industry.


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